What is the Secret of Getting More Instagram Followers & Likes.

It is true to say that everybody using Instagram want to become notable by increasing his/her followers. The more the number of followers you have the more famous you will be. There are various ways of increasing the number of followers on Instagram. Not unless if you know them, increasing the number of your followers can be very challenging. Getting a lot of followers on Instagram requires patience and commitment.

If you want to get IG followers then do the following.

How to Get More IG followers.

1. Update Your Account.

Always make sure that you update your account now and then with fresh, relevant and interesting content. Don’t leave you to account in a dormant state as this can make you lose some of your followers. Nobody would want to follow you if you are inactive for a long duration.

2. Use Hashtags.

In Instagram, hashtags are used to filter photos. Anytime you search for a pic, Instagram will display all the pics with the same hashtags. The hashtags you will choose will determine your success. To be successful, make sure that you utilize popularly and relevant hashtags.

3. Public Account

If you want to become more visible on Instagram and probably increase the number of your followers, operate on a public account. When operating on a public account anybody can see your posts, like and comment on them. This means you are very visible and hence have better chances of attracting new followers. If you decide to operate only on a private account, then its only you and your friends who will be able to see the content you share. This will not bring new followers.

4. Quality is Key

As already said above, there is the need to update your account regularly with fresh contents. However, the content you put on your account should be of high-quality. Quality content will be appealing to many individuals and might end up attracting them to follow you. Also, if you post quality content you will get more comments and likes and some individuals might decide to share your content and hence help to boost your followers.

5. Use Filters

Filters are used to enhance the look of your pics that you share on Instagram. They help to add beauty to your pictures and make them more appealing. The added beauty can be sufficient to convince numerous Instagrammers to follow you. You should, however, make sure that you select your filters wisely.

6. Picture Collages

Other than posting single photos, you can consider joining several pics into one and then share. In this case, the pictures combine together look more appealing than when they are just single photos. They appear to be telling a story and show creativity.

7. Exchange Shoutouts

You can consider promoting other Instagrammers as they promote you too. You just have to look for individuals with similar interest and request them to exchange shoutouts.

Having gone through the above, you now know what you can do to get a lot of Instagram followers. Consider employing the above tactics and see your likes and followers grow!