Wallor – World’s Most Powerful Smart Wallet Ever

If you think you have seen the most powerful wallet, then you have not seen the Wallor wallet. Originally, wallets were designed to carry money and house items such as ID cards, ATM cards, and other small-sized documents. However, wallets have advanced over time to integrate powerful features that not only guarantee the security of your cards but also assure you of a successful tracking process in case you forget your wallet somewhere. Wallor smart purses are designed with technologically advanced features which help to secure your money and make your life more convenient. The article will cover the powerful features that the Wallor wallet possesses.

Features that Make the Wallor Wallet Powerful

1. Wallor Has an Inbuilt GPS Tracker

Wallor has an inbuilt GPS tracking system that can be interfaced with your smartphone through a mobile application. GPS allows you to pinpoint the location of your wallet anywhere in the world. In this manner, it is far much easier for you to track and recover your wallet, money, and cards in case they are stolen from you.

2. Wallor Has a Bluetooth Security Module

Besides the GPS tracker, Wallor smart wallets have a Bluetooth security module that protects your wallet from theft. The Bluetooth module has an alarm system that alerts you when your wallet is not in the vicinity. On the other hand, if you misplace your phone in the house/car, tapping on the wallet sends an alert signal to your phone, causing it to produce a sound from wherever it is. In this manner, you can use either of the devices to track the other.

3. Wallor Is Durable and Water-Resistant

Wallor wallet is designed with a high-grade Nappa leather that is scratch proof. The leather material is resistant to wear and tear and can withstand significant mechanical stress without bending or breaking. Also, the leather has been conditioned to make the wallet waterproof. As a result, your money will be safe and secure even if you accidentally drop your wallet in water.

4. The Wallet Has an Inbuilt RFID Material

The inner surfaces of the Wallor wallet have been designed with a material that can block RFID signals. For this reason, all your cards, including credit cards and ATM cards which have chip information will be protected from hacking. The RFID blocking materials make your Wallor wallet invisible to card scanners. As a consequence, everything stored in your wallet will be safe and secure.

5. Wallor Is Slim and Can Be Stored Comfortably

The Wallor wallet is among the slimmest wallets in the world. The card has a thickness of 0.25/6.5 mm. Essentially, the slim thickness is a plus to the wallet design because you can comfortably keep it in your pocket without exposing it to thieves. Also, you can walk comfortably with the Wallor wallet in your pocket.

6. Wallor Has an Anti-Theft Distance Alarm

Additionally, the Wallor wallet has an anti-theft distance alarm system that ensures that your wallet is always close to you as possible. For instance, if your purse is taken away from you, the alarm system will be triggered immediately to produce a buzz that will help you recover your wallet within the shortest period. Therefore, it will be easy for you to keep track of your wallet, cards, and money at any given time.

7. Wallor Supports Wireless Charging

Another striking advantage of the Wallor wallet is that it supports wireless charging feature. Wireless charging ensures that working with the wallet is as convenient and easy as possible.

To summarize, it is essential to appreciate the technologically advanced features that are integrated into the Wallor smart purses. Understanding these features helps you know what features to look for when purchasing a smart wallet.