Can You Leave Your Car at the Airport for a Week?

What to do with your vehicle when traveling for a long vacation or a business trip that takes you a week or more is a question that keeps lingering on the mind of most travelers. Depending on the duration of your stay, you have a wide range of options to choose from. If you are planning to travel for a week or so, you can leave it at the airport parks for a fee.

Today, most airports have a variety of parking programs to meet the needs of its domestic and international customers. In fact, in Australia, you can check out what the various airports have to offer including Cairns long & short-term airport parking. You, however, need to know several things about leaving your car there for a long period.

The Charges you Incur

Driving yourself to and from the airport is both comfortable and unbelievably flexible.  To enjoy this service when leaving for a week, go for the long-term car park options in any of the airports of your choice. Just have it in mind that the rates are relatively higher, up to double the amount you would part with when you opt for the off-airport parking.

For instance, the Cairns long & short-term airport parking offers requires you a budget of $134 for seven days in the outdoor parking lots. The covered ones are relatively expensive with a fee of up to $146, but offer you additional protection of your car from natural elements while you are away.

Don’t Leave Valuables Inside

Despite the guaranteed safety of your car in the airport parking lots, whether long-term or the short-term ones, it is prudent to go the extra mile and be more cautious. This is one of the downsides you will have to contend with while traveling, and acknowledge that there is always a looming risk, however, negligible it may be. Protect your vehicle from any prying eyes by removing any clothing, bags, or tools that might tip off the bad guys. While most of the time nothing ever happens to cars parked in the airports, it pays off to be more responsible and proactive.

Alternative to Airport Parks

If leaving your car in the airport parks is not your preference, be sure there is no shortage of what you can do with your car. The off-Airport private car parking lots are the next best option for you. They are strategically located around most of the airports including at Cairns, costing you just a few more minutes to the airport. The best part about this option is that they have some of the best rates in comparison to those you get at the airports.

What’s more, you benefit from their quick shuttle services to the airport, and they pick you once you get back. While away, you have nothing to worry about your car as most offer a safety guarantee, and even go to the extent of cleaning the car so you can find it in pristine condition, just like you never went away.